Franziska vom Heede: Merchandise Medea

(2020 - Berliner Ringtheater)

Making Of Merchandise Medea - Video

Medea is one of the first feminist icons. The main character of Merchandise Medea  is figthing against an anti-feminst reproduction machinery in a not too far, tangible future. Medea becomse a guerilla-fighter for the right of self-assertion. Merchandise Medea connects new dramatics with modern opera and visual arts. The text of Franziska vom Heede offers a view to a world, where motherhood is a currency and has to be monitored. From entering the space until the end of the show Merchandise Medea is a complex and diverse experience which grips the audience also with it's rich costume and stage design.

  MG 2918

 MG 2131 MG 2795 MG 1981


Cast & Crew


Sunniva Unsgård 
Constanze Jader 
Julia Shelkovskaja
Andrea Wesenberg

Musik&Live-Electronics - Gwen Torino

Graphic design - Robbin Groß

Stage & Costume - Florence Klotz, Vanessa Vadineanu

Text - Franziska vom Heede

Director - Zsófia Geréb