(2018 - Trafó, Budapest)

Who I am, if someone else can take my place by playing my role perfectly? How can I keep an oath, if I don’t even realize that I am just breaking it? If I can act without being concious about my actions, can I trust myself? And who needs me, if someone else plays me much better?

Péter Závada’s play leads us to the fundamental questions of identity by reinterpreting the story of Amphitryon. The drama experiments not only with decomposing identity, but also with pushing the limits of the theatrical frame. Where does the role of an actor begins and ends, can an actor be himself on stage, is it possible to avoid becoming a sign?

In Je suis Amphitryon the six characters of the original story are present: Amphitryon, Alcmene, Charis, Sosias, Jupiter, Mercury – but they are analysers of problematics presented by the story, polyphonic voices, which sometimes overlap each other and jump through space and time in an associative way.

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Amphitryon Krisztián Kovács
Alcmene Eszter Bánfalvi 
Jupiter/1. maenad Attila Lestyán 
Mercury/2. maenad Júlia Mentes 
Sosias/3. maenad Bálint Jaskó 
Charis/4. maenad Mária Kőszegi 
Set and Costume design Jenny Horváth 
Choreography Attila Soós 
Lights  Mónika Hlinka 
Music András Csizmás 
Dramaturg Zsófia Varga 
Assistant Anna Szélinger 
Director Zsófia Geréb