Wagner für Kinder: Tannhäuser

The produciton of the Bayreuther Festspiele, Wagner’s Tannhäuser for children goes to Argentina. The opera has been shown several times at Teatro del Bicentenario, San Juan with argentinian cast. During the one hour show the audience follows Tannhäuser on his journey from Venusberg till the song competition in the castle of Warburg with the music of Wagner and texts from the creators of the production.


Tannhäuser – Duilo Smiriglia

Landgraf –  Roman Modzelewsky

Elisabeth –  Marina Silva

Venus –  Constanza Dias Falü

Walther –  Ariel Casalis

Biterolf –  Lucas Debevec Mayer

Wolfram – Fernando Lazari


Conductor –  Emmanuel Siffert

Version for Kinderoper –  Katharina Wagner, Markus Latsch

Arrangement – Marko Zdralek

Set Design –  Jule Saworski

Lights –  Gabriela di Luciano

Director – Zsófia Geréb