Claudio Monteverd: L’incoronazione di Poppea

The series of Baroque operas with the Purcell Choir and Orfeo Orchestra, led by conductor György Vashegyi, arrives at another important juncture. The combination of outstanding singers in the principal roles, music performed on period instruments and distinctive direction promises an experience to remember, and not only for lovers of musical theatre. Strikingly avant-garde in its time, Monteverdi’s music remains extraordinarily expressive to this day, its varied and sensuous melodies and exhilerating harmonies serving to accentuate the emotions of the story.


Poppea/Fortuna – Emőke Baráth

Nero – Viktória Vizin

Octavia/Virtue – Hagar Sharvit

Otho – Matthew Shaw

Arnalta – Jeffrey Thompson

Seneca – Miklós Sebestyén

Drusilla – Nóra Tatai

Amore – Ágnes Pintér (voice), Egyed Beáta (dance)

Pallas/Damigella – Eszter Zemlényi

Valletto – Anna Molnár

First Soldier – Péter Mészáros

Second Soldier/Libertius – László Kálmán

Mercury – Domonkos Blazsó

Lictor – Ákos Borka


Conductor  – György Vashegyi

Director – Zsófia Geréb

Assistant  – Anna Szélinger

Set, Costume and Projection Design –  Virág Pázmány

Choreographer – Attila Soós