Péter Závada: A széplélek (Der Schöngeist)

The performance is set as a fictional guided tour in the Schloss Neuschwanstein.

Does it neccesarily lead to a tragedy, if a king is not violent enough to reign? Is attraction to fascination is attraction to power at the same time? Can we as artists or art lovers turn away from politics without consequences? The „Schöngeist” is observing the complicated relationship between history, politics and aesthetics from the german romanticism trough the III. Reich until today – pervaded by the music of Wagner. This is the castle. Please, enter.


StúdioK Theater, Budapest



Tour guide – Gábor Nagypál

Ludwig II. / child and young Ludwig / 1. actor – Katalin Homonnai

Sophia / Nietzsche / 2. actor – Melitta Pallagi

Marie / Cosima / journalist – Júlia Nyakó

Maximilian / Wagner/ director – Spilák Lajos

Gudden/ Rosenberg/ Bismarck/ tourist – Sipos György

Josef / Prince Paul / grandfather / 3. actor – Lovas Dániel


Text – Péter Závada

Dramaturg – Kata Gyarmati

Set and costume design –  Ágnes Bobor

Music and sound design – András Csizmás

Lights – Ninett Berta

Assistent – Viktória Mátyás

Director – Zsófia Geréb