* a documentarist monster tragedy

(2015 - Jurányi House, Budapest)

In the times of when an article has the title ’The Man is the Woman’s Work’ in a popular women’s magazine, or when everything is advertised by naked female body from furniture to alufolie, we realize that there hasn’t been enough change during the past hundred years. This production focuses on 'the woman question' and the problematic of gender inequalities through the drama of Frank Wedekind from the end of the XIXth century and through contemporary documentarist texts. Inspite of the female emancipation and feminist movements we are still facing everyday sexism.  

In the show we see episodes from the life of Lulu, who embodies the figure of the classical femme fatale. However, her fate still depends on the men around her. The question is: what happens when she tries to be independent? What could have been at that time and what could be now the perspective of an 'independent' woman? What role has the man in it? Are 'typical' gender roles harmful? If yes, how much? What is feminism actullay? Do we need it? And do we even have to ask these questions, or is everything fine the way it is?


 lulu 1

lulu 2


Lulu Eliza Sodró
Schigolch Miklós Béres
Alwa Zsolt Dér
Geschwitz Mari Kőszegi
Schöning/Jack György Sipos
Goll/Mr. Hopkins  Dániel Borsányi
Schwarz/Dr. Hilti Krisztián Rózsa
Rodrigo/Kungu-Poti Bálint Bán

Hungarian translation András Forgách

Musicians Ágoston Szabó Sipos, András Csizmás, Áron Komjáti
Set and Costume design Sosa Juristovszky
Video Gábor Karcis
Cameraman András Táborosi
Asssitant  Anna Szélinger
Dramaturg Anna Zsigó
Director Zsófia Geréb